School Search

School Search

One of the key things that are to be considered when a family with kids moves to a new country is the kind of school the children need to study in, the location , the type of school which is best suited for the child as well as convenient for the parents.

At Transworld International we understand that it is this aspect of the move that changes the complete perception of the move for the family as well as the impact it has on the relocating employee.

Our team of experts have a complete understanding of the schools in a specific environment and help you choose better. Our experts can help you with detailed analysis on the school , the curriculum that the school provides, and we can advise you better.

We help the customer with the complete admission process

School advice

Expert advice on schooling by our local team .


  • Advice on education system
  • Review availability
  • Provide list of suitable schools and relevant information
  • Arrange for interviews with the school authorities


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