Records & Data Management

The Meticulous Movers

TWIs off-site storage facilities are custom-built for state-of-the-art record storage and management. All of our buildings are constructed with fire-resistant materials, have monitored security systems with controlled access, are protected with video surveillance and round the clock security personnel, are equipped with smoke detectors, fire protection systems, and are located outside of all areas designated as flood plains.

With a storage capacity of over 5 million records, your records are 100% safe secure and easily accessible at TWI facility. At TWI we  manage your  records using the O'Neil software which  tracks multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes; from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. We use bar code technology, wireless handhelds and web technology to ensure that your data is always secure and accessible. So  you will be free to focus on your true priorities – your business!

State of the art Storage

Fire resistant buildings with continuous monitoring and video surveillance and for storing over 5 million records.


  • Records Retention & Digitization
  • Records Destruction
  • Data Tape Storage
  • Assembling of Assets
  • Data Degaussing
  • Temperature controlled Media
  • Transportation


  • FMCG


  • Telecom


  • Insurance


  • Banking


  • Information Technology

    Information Technology