Orientation Services

Orientation Services

At Transworld International , we extend customized solutions to help remove the stress associated with relocation.

We help our corporate clients, assignees, and their families with everything .We devise customer centric programs to introduce the employee to what life is like in a host country. This includes tours across the specific city to which they would be relocating, visits to appropriate schools, residential areas etc.

This ensures that the employee has the appropriate level of information to assess the suitability of an international assignment before he or she actually makes the move to the new country. We completely take care of all preparations for the intended move once it is confirmed. In this way we ensure that our clients face least amount of pre move stress.

Our Experts

We devise customer centric programs to introduce the employee to life in the host country to asses the suitability of an international assignment


  • Map orientation
  • Pre-move familiarization of assignee (& family) with living conditions
  • Recreation and leisure options, Expatriate network Information on language, cultural aspects, banking, registration and immigration requirements in the host city
  • Preview of housing, education, shopping & dining, healthcare Information on Import regulations and Custom Duties on household effects


  • FMCG


  • Telecom


  • Insurance


  • Banking


  • Information Technology

    Information Technology