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Locating a nice home in the most appropriate location ie. close to the work place, close to schools and not too far from the CBD are primary concerns of a person moving cities or countries.

We understand this and our team understands the Indian property market well. Specially from the perspective of expats or NRIs who are used to a whole lot of conveniences which are not always understood by real estate brokers.

It is this aspect of understanding the nuances of a family who has either returned to India or moving to India for the first time – we help them find homes with conveniences as well as ease of access .

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Special help for expats and people moving within India from experts who understand the Indian Property Market.


  • Property shortlist based on housing needs analysis
  • General Overview of preferred neighborhoods
  • Accompanied viewing of pre-screened / pre-selected properties
  • Liaising with real estate agencies and owners of properties
  • Facilitation of the lease process (price, terms, deposits, documentation, etc;)
  • Inventory inspection
  • Lease Management


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