Cross Cultural Services

Cross Cultural Services

When an employee moves to another country it is critical that they understand the softer aspects of the relocation – ie the cultural aspects of every country are unique and help a person fit in with the environment in a stress free way.

At Transworld International we ensure that the employee gets a complete and thorough understanding of the cultural nuances of the country which will host him during his tenure so that he fits in seamlessly with his colleagues and the rest of the society as well.

Cultural Connect

We have evolved with the requirements of our clients and ensured that they fit in seamlessly with their environment.


  • Business & Social Etiquette
  • Daily Living
  • Politics & Religion
  • Language, Accents and Gestures
  • Culture and Tradition
  • Climate and Dressing
  • Monetary Systems
  • Medical and Health care
  • Leisure, wining and dining
  • Assignee specific topic/s


  • FMCG


  • Telecom


  • Insurance


  • Banking


  • Information Technology

    Information Technology