A new experience can be many things.

  • A new experience can be many things.

    Exciting, challenging, intimidating, and daunting are some of the few words that come to mind. Are these thoughts justified? In an ideal world, moving from one place to another shouldn’t really affect one’s thoughts as much. In this diverse world though, a good amount of thought precedes a life-altering decision. After all, these decisions are seldom taken on a hunch.

    Moving abroad is all that and more. The fears and trepidations that accompany such a decision are certain to leave one in a state of disarray. These qualms range from irrational fears and pre-conceived notions to justifiably rational fears that could unsettle even the strongest of individuals.

    Here are some of them:

    1) Cultural Differences
    Moving to a new country obviously has cultural ramifications. An unfamiliar language and new customs are challenges that one will most likely be intimidated by, and justifiably so.
    Having a rudimentary understanding of the spoken language can certainly help ease any fears in the mind, whilst also helping build bridges with potentially new friends/co-workers. Additionally, you could also keep an open mind to adapt to your surroundings and align your behavioural tendencies to suit the said environments. Cultural practices that you might consider typical might not be perceived in the same light in your new surroundings.

    Moving to a new culture is, by no means, easy but a little patience during the initial transitional period will go a long way in helping you settle in comfortably.

    2) Failure 
    The fear of failure is synonymous with every individual in different walks of life. This fear is only heightened when faced with the prospects of moving abroad. Failing in a new environment with unfamiliar people is daunting for most primarily because of the perceived embarrassment of returning home with your tail between your legs.

    Moving to a new country is an experience and it needs to be treated as such. Difficulty to find work, loneliness, and an inability to adjust to the new climate are all part of this very experience. Meeting new people, making friends, and visiting hotspots in the city are part of the same experience as well.
    Meeting these challenges head on without an ounce of self-pity is the best possible solution to beat the odds stacked against you.

    If you experience of moving to a new country still leaves you disenchanted, moving back to your home town is not a ‘failure’ but simply a recognition that you moved to the wrong country instead.

    3) Homesickness 
    If you’ve lived in a city for a long time with your friends and family at every step of the way, moving abroad could be that arrow in the knee leaving you anxious and alone. Feelings of missing out on important family functions, birthdays, and the like will put you down.
    What is the solution though? Technology, of course.

    Modern applications help you connect with anyone around the world in an instant. OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime provide you with ample distractions to lift your spirits. Alternatively, various websites and social media groups help you connect with fellow expats in the city , broaden your network, and share your experiences and struggles with those with an empathetic ear.

    4) Money
    The fear of being broke is not new. None of us would like to picture a scenario where we have no money to sustain our livelihood. Being broke in a foreign country with no family and friends is worse. Or so it would seem.

    Lack of money can be a motivating tool to get you off your feet and motivate you to work harder than ever before. Rags to riches stories are far too common in today’s world and their example sets the precedent of hard work being your best ally.

    That said, it’s always better to adjust to a new environment with some money firsthand to keep you afloat until you figure your situation out completely.

    5) The Move
    After painstaking thought, serious contemplation, and the courage to actually cement the decision to move abroad, the actual physical task of executing the said move is often the hardest. The meticulous detail, planning, and conviction to set motion the chain of events that will result in leaving comfort behind can unsettle even the toughest of individuals. Hiring professional help to manage your moving proceedings takes your mind off micro-managing these tasks and instead lets you focus on mentally preparing yourself to embark upon pastures anew.

    Courage + Conviction + Hard work + Patience + Adaptability 
    The formula of making your dreams coming true in a strange land is less complicated than you might think. Having the right partners to help you relocate seamlessly certainly helps.

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