Your safest exodus story – Transworld International (Data Centre Migration)

  • Your safest exodus story – Transworld International (Data Centre Migration)


    Your businesses are built with a million hopes and dreams, to some they are the outcomes of an inspiration and to some they are sheer passion. Business of course is a wide term and is an ocean of things that holds it into one entity; it needs many things added to it like capital, investment, man power, ideas and technology much more…

    So basically in any field, most importantly in an IT field, where they include a lot of important data and assets (which is certain) in the business and sometimes it requires to be migrated, what do we do? Can we just pack them up ourselves and move? Is that safe? Won’t there be any damage? Will it reach safe without much time consumption? Well, well, there will be thousands of such troublesome questions in your mind when it comes to protecting your important business data or assets.

    But you don’t have to worry about it anymore; with us your High Value Equipments are driven to safety with our best in class experts monitoring and carrying out the operation with all the dedication needed and also meeting its time line without any delays. We understand that there can be a wide range of moving requirements in this case, more specifically ranging from servers, storage racks, routers, disk arrays or even switches. Our planned and well strategized move with appropriate equipment’s like high bloom hydraulic cranes, forklifts, containerized and side open trucks dictates 100% safety and protection to your valuables.

    Having over more than a decade’s expertise in migrating data and office assets to its best safety channel, we hold a great clientele base from the IT industry. Our proven grounds on using safe and secure packaging materials along with handling equipment’s has been reward by major industry pioneers.

    We at Transworld International hold exclusive contracts nationally with various multinational companies for Office relocation and Data Centre Migration.

    So we are waiting to hear from you to help you on your Data Center Migration at

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