The safe zone for media!

  • The safe zone for media!

    The safe zone for media!


    Ever wondered how important your data is to your business? Of course you do! The data and information you have built over the years are precious enough to be cared for and to keep them safe. So the next thing you would be thinking about is what kind of safety they need? They might be just disc, tapes or even some important files. Why do they need to be protected?

    Well the answer is pretty straight, we all safeguard our business information and data because they are unique to us in the business and it helps us outnumber your competitors. These data are also collected from time to time and updated accordingly in all cases. They indeed need all the care and attention, so if we can’t keep them safe and manage the media, then who will? Well, that is a smart question, and the answer is Transworld International! We care for your much valued media tape management needs and we protect your data from all fatalities possible.

    Transworld International has an incredible vault setup that is engineered to be resistant to fire and its potential damages and its temperature is placed very niche to remain in about 20 degree Celsius which can hold your data in a comfortable position. Also the pickup, retrieval and storage of your data are done in a very standardized procedure which is efficient enough to please our lending hand. The products picked are uniquely bar coded and are transported to our facility. They are easily identified and tracked using ONIEL our software to serve the purpose of identification through bar code in inventory. Also the assets are transported in a temperature controlled vehicle and then at last your data lands in our safe fire proof vaults.

    Our RSSQL system which in brief is ‘Record Storage Structured Query Language’ helps us to keep track of all orders and legitimate our functions in safe media management. A strong shooting bolt, tongue-and-groove construction and dual-central locks make the storage fool proof and a highly reliable medium of storage.

    Along with great measures of maintaining media, we also have high ranking protection and security for the entire facility. Starting from wireless smoke detectors, automatic temperature control, standalone fire-extinguishers to 24/7 CCTV vigilance.

    We at Transworld International encompass a highly impenetrable security management system for the safe keeping of your data. This exclusively helps us build confidentiality, integrity and satisfaction to all our clients.

    Visit us at or call us today for your media management needs.

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