5 best logistics solutions, effective and efficient

  • 5 best logistics solutions, effective and efficient

    5 best logistics solutions, effective and efficient


    Warehousing is a large operation to be mentioned in just a few sentences. It includes lot of things, but most importantly that warehouses need to find ways to prioritise and increase workplace safety for the health and productivity of the workforce.

    We have listed our top 5 ways of warehousing principles that can drive more efficient and productive operations –

    Robotic Automation

    It is a new era of technological contributions in this industry. Here, not only can robotic automation help manufacturers reach greater warehouse productivity, but also increase significant cost savings when compared to employing workers.

    Optimization of labor productivity

    Be it with automation, employee incentives or any other ways, optimization of labor productivity should be the flag spot of any warehouse improvement effort. This usually tends to be the largest cost burden in warehousing and order picking operations, this can be eliminated by using minimal number of labors and try using modern machineries which help replace labor costs. This could be critical for organizations to understand production rates.

    Know you’re picking methodology

    As with ergonomic considerations which are like designing the workstation to suit the particular work being done, it’s also important to understand if the current picking method appropriately serves the purpose of your organization and environment. It is important to make the right order picking choices, as it directly impacts the supply chain productivity, so it’s not something to be taken lightly.

    Retrieve your tools and parts swiftly

    Faster part and tool retrieval can be a key factor for achieving greater productivity and efficiency in the process of fulfilment. The automated storage and retrieval systems can increase picking accuracy while yielding better inventory control for you.  Some additional benefits to add on include better operator safety, increase in labor productivity, and an overall improved floor space utilization.

    Check your storage equipment

    The most important parts of evaluating your industrial storage equipment are to know how storage systems will change with a facility’s needs over time. Also performing an overall assessment of current and future warehouse storage needs can improve your storage density and picker productivity rate.

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