Common mistakes done during office relocation

  • Common mistakes done during office relocation

    Common mistakes done during office relocation


    Well, when most mistakes are made during an office move, it mostly leads to cost overruns, operational downtime and sometimes even worse. Prepare yourself with the right information so that nothing goes wrong. However we provide you insights of some of the top mistakes that occur during an office move and some also few tips on how to tackle them –

    Plan wise

    Plan early and plan wise. You should begin planning for your office move while looking for new office space itself, because some properties around may have moving obstacles that will factor in to your contracts of lease or purchase negotiations.

    Don’t forget to back up your data

    If you don’t have an off-site storage, now it’s time you make sure you have one. You could either have a physical location or drive holding your data or get everything stored in the cloud in the most modern way. Maybe your equipment won’t get damaged and lose any data during the move, but that’s a risk you don’t need to take. Leave it to us for we handle them with expertise.

    Under estimating the Cost of Time Delays

    There can be as manyfactors as possible that impact your date of moving. Working on a plan ahead and having regular interactions and gathering suggestions from your team and all others involved can reduce the chances your timeline will slip by a large margin. Sometimes there are few circumstances that are out of your control so having a backup strategy for your move will also help reduced last minute expenses and down time.

    How well is your Insurance?

    Damaged is a certain thing to expect during a move, well if there are no damages then consider your move to be a 100% success. Initially, check with your shifting company if your policy covers items while they transit, as damages are unpredictable, if yes, you’re all set for the move. In case it’s a no, then insist on asking your mover what options they offer and make the best choice for your business based on the options they provide.

    What can go wrong with your Furniture being moved?

    It is understandable to assume that we can use our old furniture in our new office too, but remember it could be a bad idea too. In most scenarios your existing furniture will not fit exactly in the same way as it was used in the previous office, simple reason behind is that the spaces vary, hence in case you need any specific parts of a furniture then make sure to place an early order. Most furniture dealers don’t store a of such parts of furniture in their local showrooms so make sure you have ample time to analyze what you need and  leave an order placed well in advance before your move.

    To have happy clients and a transparent business, we believe in educating our customers and providing knowledge of all their queries regarding our services. However we suggest them to stay mindful of these above mentioned mistakes during the moving process, and also remember, communication with us will be an easier way to accomplish a 100% successful move into your new working space.

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