Latest Innovations in Transportation and Logistics Sector

  • Latest Innovations in Transportation and Logistics Sector

    Latest Innovations in Transportation and Logistics Sector

    The Logistics and Transportation Industry has witnessed some interesting transformation and trends recently. There is an ever increasing demand, new consumption patterns, digital age of commerce and global trade treaties that has impacted warehousing and transportation formats for a long time. So the ‘first mile’ facilities are expanding with e-Commerce boom and the ‘last mile’ facilities are adapting to highly localized support for quicker deliveries to their consumers.

    In the era of evolution, we expect many Logistics Experts and Trend Analysts to foresee the evolution of second generation of IoT (Internet of things), Big Data and Cloud based products to rise.

    But with current market focusing on providing various delivery and pickup options, it has become necessary for the Logistics Service Providers to give maximum utilization of their assets with tight control on wastage.

    So we show you few technological developments to support this need –

    The Internet Of Things (IoT)

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new dimension to the technological developments around the globe, this will also be able to provide highly integrated “Transportation and Warehouse Management Solutions” by means of connecting in-vehicle sensors and other integrated devices over the network. We could also add embedded sensors in transport vehicles, containers etc.which on the other hand continuously capture, share, and act on real-time data.

    Most aggressive Logistics Provides will move from traditional technological approach of Managing orders and logistics to a more mature goal of improving quality of customer service, mostly enforcing laws and regulations and reducing liability cost.

    IoT can find many implementations in Logistics, right from a retailer who needs to monitor the quality of food being shipped to a clinic which needs to control temperature of the box transporting a specimen.

    Green Environment And the Techie part

    Any typical logistics moves a product through a supply chain extending from one point to another with objective of keeping the cost at the very minimum. Along with strengthening laws against different types of pollution, the logistics and supply chains should start exploring technological solutions to achieve a ‘Sustainable Supply Chain’ balancing elements like social, economic, business and environment objectives for any company or the society as a whole.

    The reporting of greenhouse emissions and carbon footprints towards optimizing supply chain to waste management will effectively contribute to ‘Green Logistics’. Technology will for sure play a major role in capturing data and putting tools in hands of people to enhance planning, monitoring, and also manage environmental objectives by avoiding wastage and adapting to responsible recycling.

    Security is given max priority

    With IOT and Mobile technologies expanding and exploring the checkpoints of technology, the Logistics and Warehouse Management Solutions are going to transmit data over cloud and internet. The Software and Systems will be more robust and proactive to thwart cyber-attacks against any such applications at the facility.

    The Solution provider will have to make sure not only to include security mechanism but also to identify, rectify and monitor any possible cyber threat.

    Here we are beginning to expect a revolution in the industry which was for long predicted and along with this change we also can see how much the current industry needs to develop in terms of technology and advancements.

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